Gautham B

Gautham Kumar Bavandla is a full-stack Software Developer with diverse experience in developing in the front end, middle tier, back-end, and DevOps technologies, programming languages, servers, and databases. Gautham has been working with The Polis Center at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI) for more than 7 years and has more than 11 years of experience as a software professional in the IT industry. Completed Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and also Master’s in computer and information sciences from Purdue University with specialization in databases, information security, intelligent systems, and cloud computing.

Gautham is knowledgeable in the following technologies: Angular, C#, VB, Java, Strut, Springs, ASP.NET, HTML 5, Typescript, CSS3, JavaScript, node, Docker, IIS, VMware, jQuery, ReactJS,   Hadoop, LessJS, Sass, Bootstrap, Telerik Framework, JSON, PHP, Python, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Hadoop, XML, Action Script, WordPress like Content Management Systems, IIS , windows and Linux server OS, Git, SVN etc.  He follows software development best practices and has experience with Object Oriented Design, Agile Methodologies, Web services (Restful and SOAP), Software Engineering, and Test Driven Development.