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Kayla Kauffman led a Multi-Hazard Mitigatin Plan Meeting in Tipton County

Posted on Aug 9, 2018

Kayla Kauffman, GIS Analyst, led a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting in Tipton County on July 24. As this was the planning team’s first meeting in Tipton, Kayla provided an overview of The Polis Center and explained the significance of hazard mitigation for their community and that Tipton will be eligible to receive disaster mitigation funds from FEMA because of developing a mitigation plan. Kauffman says, “Tipton County can benefit from these meetings because we can address their specific needs in the hazard mitigation update process....

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Matt Riggs Attended the Association of State Floodplain Managers Conference in Arizona

Posted on Aug 8, 2018

Matt Riggs, GIS Analyst at the Polis Center (IUPUI), attended the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) conference in Arizona to better understand hazard mitigation in the world of GIS. Riggs mentioned that, “The ASFPM conference is easily one of the most important events that I attend. The bulk of my work here at the Polis Center focuses on helping Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) fulfill their grant responsibilities to FEMA relating to Digital Flood Map production and Risk MAP activities. These FEMA driven...

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Kayla Kauffman and Jim Sparks Discuss Disaster Mitigation with Daviess County Community Members

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Kayla Kauffman, GIS Analyst and Jim Sparks, Director of Geoinformatics, are meeting with Daviess County community members this month to introduce disaster management and discuss any local hazard concerns in order to lead a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting in Tipton County on July 24.

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Karen Comer Co-authors Paper in the June Issue of BMC Public Health

Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Karen Comer, Director of Collaborative Research and Health Geoinformatics, is a co-author on the paper, “Learning in the Zone: Toward Workforce Development of Evidence-based Public Policy Communication,” published in the June issue of the journal, BMC Public Health. Her co-authors include Beth Meyerson, IUB School of Public Health, Laura Haderxhanay, PhD student, and Gregory Zimt, IU School of Medicine.  

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Kevin Mickey to Instruct at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute

Posted on Jul 12, 2018

Kevin Mickey, Director of Professional Development and Geospatial Technology Education, will be at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Maryland the week of July 16 to instruct 40 participants on the use of FEMA’s Hazus-MH multi-hazard risk assessment tool. This tool helps mitigate disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.

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The Polis Center Assists the South Carolina Division of Emergency Management

Posted on Jul 5, 2018

Since January 2017 Polis has been engaged in the development of a Multihazard Mitigation Platform (MHMP) for the South Carolina Division of Emergency Management (SCDEM).  This product is expected to be completed and delivered in July.  The MHMP represents a major advancement for South Carolina hazard mitigation.  It integrates and makes accessible mitigation products across jurisdictions through three custom built apps, each of which have multiple features.  The Data Explorer supports visualization and download of hazards and related...

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Spirit & Place Presents: Civic Saturday on July 28

Posted on Jul 2, 2018

The next Civic Saturday, presented by Spirit & Place, the Indianapolis Public Library, and League of Women Voters of Indianapolis, is July 28 at the Central Library, 10:30 – 11:30am. Erin Kelly, Program Director at The Polis Center (IUPUI), who manages this event, attended a conference in Seattle earlier this year to learn more about this Citizen University initiative. Civic Saturday seeks to nurture civic spirit. It’s about American civic religion—the creed of liberty, equality, and self-government that truly unites us....

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In the News: Kevin Mickey, Director of Professional Development and Geospatial Technology Education at The Polis Center (IUPUI), to Present a Workshop on Flood Hazard Modeling in Washington

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

Kevin Mickey, of The Polis Center (IUPUI), is co-presenting a custom built workshop on flood hazard modeling in Olympia, Washington from June 11-14. This workshop, funded by FEMA through the Washington Department of Natural Resources, will seek to provide guidance to risk analysts on how to use geospatial tools and methods to model and mitigate a variety of flood hazards to include riverine flooding as well as coastal flooding induced by storms or tsunamis resulting from earthquakes. This workshop is envisioned to be a pilot for a series of...

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In the news: Kevin Mickey, Director of Professional Development and Geospatial Technology Education, has been asked to serve on a university advisory group for the IUPUI Center for Aerial Unmanned Systems Imaging

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

Kevin Mickey, of The Polis Center (IUPUI) has been asked to join the Center for Aerial Unmanned Systems imaging, which is a part of the IUPUI School of Liberal arts. Their focus is on non-military applications of the growing trend in drone technology. They will research the many different uses of this newer technology, such as tracking animal populations, disaster preparation, and precision...

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Polis Center Continues Partnership with The Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research & Policy With Report Generator Feature

Posted on Jun 7, 2018

In June 2017, The Bowen Center launched the Bowen Health Workforce Information Portal—which the Polis Center helped develop along with the IU School of Medicine Department of Biostatistics. The Portal features new and innovative data visualizations to improve the usability of health workforce data for policymakers, employers, educators, and community health leaders. The Polis Center specifically developed a new process for ArcGIS map creation that streamlined map production for regular reports and ad hoc maps to meet stakeholder requests....

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