Community Informatics

Community Informatics is an emerging field that uses information and communication technologies to help communities address social, cultural, and economic issues.

We have been a leader in community informatics since its inception. Our signature community information system, SAVI, is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive community information system (CIS), providing more than 10,000 indicators to about 9 geographic units and 11 Central Indiana counties, as well as information for over 19,000 community assets. SAVI empowers users with GIS-enabled local data about social, economic, and physical conditions. By summarizing data into community profiles, it allows users to view and analyze detailed data in interactive maps, charts, and tables, enhancing the capacity of residents to make positive community change.


We consult with communities around the world and are recognized nationally by cities that have an interest in developing or expanding their CIS. Our consulting services include strategic needs assessments that will aid you in forming a mission and business plan, and we have the capacity to serve your community’s information needs using our SAVI processing system with a customizable interface to reflect unique community needs.