Education & Training

The Polis Center at IUPUI offers a variety of training and education opportunities. We specialize in the application of geographic information systems tools and methods that support disaster risk assessment and mitigation planning. Our course portfolio includes multiple introductory through advanced courses in FEMA’s Hazus-MH natural hazard loss estimation tool. Many of our courses are FEMA-authorized. All of the FEMA courses are 4 days in length. We also design complete customized spatial technology programs that reflect the processes and workflows unique to individual communities and organizations. Polis provides on-site training to make it easier for you. To learn more, click the button below or email Kevin Mickey.

The Polis Center also offers free training in the SAVI community information system. It features a hands-on curriculum focused on data literacy from end to end, empowering you to use data strategically. You will learn to ask the right questions, how to find the right data, find meaning in the data, and then use the data to make and communicate decisions. SAVI tools support these concepts. You may also earn Continuing Education Units from IUPUI and The Polis Center.