Education & Training

This course offers a hands-on introduction to Hazus-MH, FEMA’s GIS-based tool for analyzing the social and economic impacts from natural hazards including hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods (riverine and coastal). Impact assessments for each hazard include shelter needs, short- and long-term economic losses, and debris estimations. Hazus-MH can also assess impacts on transportation and utilities, agricultural losses, and vehicle losses for selected hazards.

Topics addressed in this course include overviews of building and population inventory components; options for describing the magnitude and extent of modeled hazards; loss estimation methodologies; and options for creating maps, tables, and reports that describe hazard impacts.

Particular emphasis is given to exploring and interpreting the outputs that Hazus-MH can generate as well as discussing how that information can be applied to support emergency management needs and goals. All activities are based on Hazus-MH provided inputs.

After completing this course, participants can optionally take additional Hazus-MH courses to learn to refine loss estimations by adjusting model parameters or by integrating their own inventory and hazard data.

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