Florida Hazus Data Portals

florida and PBJS logo comboPolis provided testing and educational support for the State of Florida for the Division of Emergency Management (DEM) in 2008 that was similar to a project conducted in South Carolina.  This included development and facilitation of three workshops held in locations across the state and conducted in collaboration with FEMA Region V, PBS&J, and the Florida DEM.

With the South Carolina project, Polis provided needs assessment development and product testing in support of the creation and roll-out of the State of South Carolina Comprehensive Data Management System Web Portal in 2007 and 2008. We also developed and facilitated five strategic workshops in collaboration with FEMA Region IV, PBS&J, and the South Carolina Division of Emergency Management (SCDEM).  The workshops were held at locations across the state and were attended by stakeholders from multiple state and county agencies.

PBS&J Consulting developed the portal for the SCDEM with FEMA provided funding.  The portal was planned to be the collection and dissemination point for locally developed Hazus data-sets provided by counties and other organizations throughout the state.