Flooding in Wells

The Polis Center has extensive experience in the teaching and application of geospatial technologies as they pertain to the wide-ranging planning, response, mitigation, and recovery needs of the emergency management community. Since the founding of The Polis Center in 1989, we have completed more than 300 projects.

We frequently assist federal, state, and local governments in identifying and quantifying the impacts of natural and man-made hazard scenarios. Major efforts include projects with national and state departments of homeland security. The Polis Center also works with professional and scholarly communities, especially through application of digital technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other geospatial tools.

We have significant partnerships in health geoinformatics, linking clinical and community information to understand issues relating to public health and enlisting community organizations in effective interventions. In collaboration with research centers in the U.S. and internationally, The Polis Center has helped to lead the development of the field of spatial humanities, which uses geospatial technologies to understand the role and meaning of place in modern society.

Our approach to understanding the communities in which we live is entrepreneurial and innovative, finding practical, effective, and cost-efficient ways for communities to enhance their capacity for meaningful change. In all of our areas of emphasis, we have earned a national reputation as a dynamic learning environment with highly professional staff who excel in collaborative, practical, and effective solutions for the communities in which we live.

The following project highlights provide examples of The Polis Center’s knowledge and experience in risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, plan writing and emergency management related education:

City of Chicago & Joliet, IL Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation Analysis, in partnership with CTE AECOM

City of Indianapolis & The Indianapolis Museum of  Art

FEMA Support

Florida Hazus Data Portals, in partnership with PBS&J

Florida Seminole Reservation Hazard Mitigation Risk Assessment Assistance, in partnership with Integrated Solutions Consulting

Georgia Emergency Management Support

Georgia GIS Sustainability Study

Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)

Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS)

National University of Singapore Flood Risk Mitigation

Natural Resources Canada Natural Disaster Mitigation

Puerto Rico Planning Board Flood, Hurricane & Earthquake Risk Mitigation

South Carolina Hazus Data Portals, in partnership with PBS&J Consulting

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)

Wisconsin Emergency Management