National University of Singapore Flood Risk Mitigation

singaporeSea Level Rise Demonstration Project, 
National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) supports the Singapore Land Development Authority and other federal agencies in the process of identifying and mitigating risk from natural hazards.  Polis staff, in collaboration with representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute, attended a series of meetings with senior representatives of multiple Singapore federal agencies in Fall 2012.

The purpose of these meetings was to introduce the capabilities of Hazus-MH to model the impacts of flooding with an emphasis on sea level rise and to establish an international collaboration between the governments of the United States and Singapore to address this issue.  Polis staff provided technical expertise related to the Hazus-MH technology during these meetings as well as additional support in the months following the initial meetings in the development of a demonstration project that illustrated how Hazus-MH could be adapted to international needs.