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Polis Center Continues Partnership with The Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research & Policy With Report Generator Feature

In June 2017, The Bowen Center launched the Bowen Health Workforce Information Portal—which the Polis Center helped develop along with the IU School of Medicine Department of Biostatistics. The Portal features new and innovative data visualizations to improve the usability of health workforce data for policymakers, employers, educators, and community health leaders. The Polis Center specifically developed a new process for ArcGIS map creation that streamlined map production for regular reports and ad hoc maps to meet stakeholder requests.


Polis continues its collaboration with Bowen with the addition of a new feature to the Portal—the Report Generator. This aspect allows users to create customized fact sheets for a specified profession with formatted tables and an accompanying map showing the geographic distribution of a selected indicator. Users first select a theme, profession, and indicator of interest that will be displayed geographically. Users then choose up to three geographic regions for which all health workforce data from the selected them will be displayed in a formatted table along with the state average as a reference. The selected regions will be highlighted in the accompanying map.

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