TPC-logo-white withTagThe Polis Center is pleased to announce SMARTEDGE: Smart Government, Smart Environment, Smart Communities, a series of presentations sponsored by the Polis Center at IUPUI and its partners on the positive role of science and technology in support of sustainability and quality of life.

The presentations are designed to share and discuss ideas and issues and/or expose the audience to solution and technologies pertaining to smart cities and their linkage to sustainability and resilience, policy and governance, and the overall well-being of communities.

SMARTEDGE guest speakers are thinkers, idea-generators, and implementers of smart city initiatives from industrial, research, governmental, and community entities. The series is geared for those with interest in any of the issues surrounding the concept of the smart city, whether technologic, economic, policy, service, or impact-wise. To view the taped presentations and learn more about the speakers, please click here.

Series presentations are expected to cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Issues and concerns related to the data infrastructure underpinning smart city solution (e.g. big data, standards, data interoperability, data privacy, security)
  • Capability of technologies (state-of-the-art, trends, integration, service scales, implementation issues, e.g.)
  • Economics of implementation (cost of infrastructure and technology, return of investment, e.g.)
  • Governance of the systems and adaptability to the changing demands of citizens, business, and political leadership
  • Technical demos
  • Any other topics that are deemed relative