Who’s Who at The Polis Center: Gloria Harmsen

View More: has worked at IUPUI for nineteen years, providing administrative support for School of Medicine faculty and research centers before coming to Polis and as a finance assistant. Her duties here include being the Building Coordinator, a “key” position (she fixes problems with the access key cards), which sends her in search of the source of strange odors and ceiling leaks.

Her finance tasks keep her on her toes. “No day is the same. There is always something new to do because University changes policies unexpectedly.” Gloria‘s office location near the AV equipment and a nearby candy dish allows her to see many people from all the Polis areas. This is perfect for her because she says “it’s a good place to be” to see the good people of the Polis staff.

Gloria enjoys traveling and has been to Cancun, Cozumel, San Francisco, New Orleans, Savannah, and the Florida Keys. A native Midwesterner who has lived in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota, she also travels around Indiana and she regrets that “Hoosiers don’t go out into their state enough and to see what’s there.” Thinking back on the places she has lived or visited, Minneapolis is her favorite city because it has so much to offer in all the seasons.

Community and family are important to her. She volunteers with Big Sisters and is a neighborhood block captain. Gloria enjoys gardening, scrap-booking, and sharing her crafty skills at senior citizen centers creating activities with the residents. Her stepsons, two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter and three bkgrandsons keep her busy, not to mention the great-grand-fur-baby (her granddaughter’s new puppy). She admits her cats Rocket and Mama Cat are the real “King and Queen of the house” no matter how cute the new little fur-ball Krieger may be.

Work at IUPUI was not the beginning of her career. She modestly claims she might have the most diverse work history here, and unless any of us have been a “roadie” for the Burger King, we just might agree. Gloria was a trainer for the Burger King Company, visiting regional offices preparing the way for appearances by the Marvelous Magical Burger King.

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