Responsive Congregations

Doing the Right Thing: Three Takes on Congregations and the Work of Antiracism (September 2021)

For anyone concerned with achieving racial equality, Tocqueville’s analysis from nearly two centuries ago is a haunting one: Perhaps racism is so ingrained in the American experiment that the two are inextricably linked. The wide and growing wealth gap in America is a striking reminder that racism persists. Learn more about this divide.

Passing the (virtual) Plate: Congregational finance in the era of COVID and digital disruption (July 2021)

This article looks at how the major shift of congregations to online giving during the pandemic increased donations from people not directly connected to the church. It considers what will happen to the new unaffiliated givers e.g., will they continue to give over the long run and will their commitment decrease or increase? How will the shift to online giving affect donations from people who attend church regularly? Will they give more or less through digital channels? What are the implications for the ways congregations raise money and relate to members?

Our Neighbors, Ourselves: From Congregational Mission to Community Transformation (April 2021)

This case study features Second Presbyterian Church’s congregational mission, Northside Mission Ministry (NMM). The food pantry is the church’s founding and anchor project. Each month, it serves between 400 and 500 families, distributing roughly 15 tons of food. The pantry inspired several members of the church to create and maintain a community garden on the church’s property, to help keep the pantry stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer and fall. They even drilled a well to supply the site with water.