A team including Sharon Kandris, Matt Nowlin, Jeramy Townsley, Jay Colbert, and Karen Comer published SAVI’s latest Community Trends Report, Health and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Neighborhoods. The main thrust of the research is a COVID-19 Impact Index. We used indicators like confirmed Covid-19 cases, unemployment claims, and rental assistance applications to measure the impact of the pandemic on neighborhoods. We used the presence of underlying health conditions and socioeconomic conditions to measure a neighborhood’s vulnerability. Findings from the research were presented at the Oct. 8 SAVI Talks event in partnership with WFYI and Move to Include. Move to Include is a national initiative using the power of public media to promote inclusion. The initiative works to inspire and motivate people to embrace different abilities and include all people in all aspects of community life. Unai Miguel Andres and Allegra East coordinated logistics and moderating of our first webinar version of SAVI Talks. Nearly 100 community participants tuned in via Zoom and Facebook live while Sharon, Matt N, Jay, and Jeramy presented the research. We also shared this information as part of our Glick-sponsored workshop series “Building Community During Crisis,” led by Unai and Matt N.