In November 2022, The Polis Center published an updated report summarizing the state of domestic violence in the criminal justice system in Marion County in 2020 and presented trends in the data since 2009. It builds on previous reports in 2013, 2014, and 2018 conducted by the Polis Center in partnership with the Domestic Violence Network.

We found in 2020 that there were an estimated 10,105 victims of domestic violence (one percent of the population) and 5,880 perpetrators reported in the legal system.

Victims’ gender is predominantly recorded as female (71 percent in 2020), with the largest group aged 25-29. Victims of male gender make up a higher proportion in 2020 (23 percent) than in 2016 (17 percent).

Perpetrators’ gender is predominantly reported as male (81 percent in 2020), with the largest group aged 30-34.

Forty-five percent of victims are Black and 40 percent are white Domestic violence victims are disproportionately Black. Comparatively, 27 percent of the population is Black and 51 percent is white.

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