The Polis Center has applied for a TechPoint Mira Award in two categories this year: Community Impact and Pandemic Pivot. The Community Impact award celebrates people or organizations that have helped to push Indiana’s tech community forward and is making a difference, especially relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Pandemic Pivot of the Year award recognizes tech employers who responded in remarkable ways to serve societal or customer pandemic-induced needs, seize market opportunities created by pandemic-induced market demand shifts, or survive amidst very difficult pandemic-induced challenges. We promoted our major 2020 project, the SAVI Coronavirus Data Hub, in both categories and included a video overview. Check it out here. Nominees are announced Feb. 16, followed by nominee presentations and/or interviews with judging panels on Mar. 10-11. There is usually a gala in April during which winners are announced. Last year, the gala was pushed later in the year to accommodate pandemic restrictions and conducted online. Thanks to Sharon Kandris, Allegra East, Matt Nowlin, and Geoff Coryell, SoIC multimedia producer, for compiling and creating the submission elements.