Matt Riggs

Geospatial Research Manager

Matthew Riggs is a Geospatial Research Manager with The Polis Center. Prior to his employment at Polis, Mr. Riggs worked as a GIS project manager with an engineering firm in the Indianapolis area and as a geologist with the Illinois State Geological Survey on the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, Illinois. He first started working with GIS software and data over twenty years ago at the Illinois State Geological Survey. His experience includes GIS data development, GIS implementation, GIS data administration, and GIS training. Some of his current projects include working with FEMA and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on a dFIRM Modernization project and Risk MAP programs. Mr. Riggs is also a part of the Polis Education and Outreach group and has recently joined the cadre of FEMA certified Hazus-MH instructors and is currently certified to teach the Hazus-MH Basic course.

Mr. Riggs holds a bachelor’s degree in geology from Alfred University, Alfred New York and a master’s degree in geology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Illinois