Naomi Penney

Research Analyst

Naomi Penney, PhD., MPH, is a research analyst on the Community Health Informatics team, analyzing and interpreting data and writing and editing research reports. Her background in program design and evaluation, qualitative research/survey design/key informant interviewing, and subject matter knowledge of social determinants of health and environmental health/toxic exposures contributes significantly to the Center’s work in supporting the creation of healthy and resilient communities. Polis collaborates on projects with the public health, healthcare, social service, and academic sectors to enhance the use of place-based information for the improvement of health in Indiana. Prior to joining Polis, she was an adjunct professional specialist for the University of Notre Dame, Eck Institute for Global Health. Naomi earned a Master’s degree in Public Health in Health Behavior/Health Education from the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health and a PhD in Program Evaluation and Program Planning from Cornell University’s Department of Policy Analysis & Management.