Robert Ferrell

Senior Programmer

Robert Ferrell is a Senior Programmer. He designs, implements and documents application software. Ferrell’s computer experience includes ASP.Net(VB.Net web based and windows based applications and web services), ‘C’ , Visual C++, Visual Basic, ORACLE, Access, SQL Server, MYSQL, ESRI’s ARCXML for mapping application, MapObjects. He has a degree in computer science from West Virginia University.

Project Experience:

Programmer/analyst, SAVI. Bob Ferrell has worked on the National Outreach Mapping and Activity Reporting and North American Religion Atlas ( internet applications. Both projects utilized .NET and ARCIMS as well as an ORACLE database. He has also worked on the SAVI asset processing and geocoding systems. These systems used .NET as well as ESRI’s map-objects. Ferrell has worked on interactive mapping for the Indiana Water Quality Atlas ( The Atlas utilizes .NET and ARCIMS. He enhanced and maintained the interactive web site for the Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Indicators project (, using ESRI MapObjects and Internet Map Server Technology.

Programmer/analyst, Loan Exchange. Ferrell was responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the originator workbench and supporting C processes. The workbench and processes were used to streamline mortgage loan origination for banks and mortgage companies. Software engineer, Video Graphic Recorder. Responsible for design and development of firmware used to control the Video Graphic Recorder. The recorder read and stored data used in manufacturing processes.

Programmer/analyst, Roadrunner Terminal. Responsible for the design and development of firmware used in NCR retail terminal.