The London-based company, Apolitical, has turned the spotlight on The Polis Center tool, IndyVitals, in a case study published January 2018 on its website. The article explores how IndyVitals provides Indianapolis city planners with data that informs and prompts new ways of thinking that ultimately allows for solutions to complex problems, making Indianapolis a greater place to live and work. “The IndyVitals framework can be implemented relatively easily in other cities,” said author Anoush Durabi, “but requires political commitment.”

IndyVitals was created to provide organizations involved in quality-of-life, social services, and economic development with a common geographical tool which tells stories about the community. The award-winning tool provides users a tremendous amount of information in a variety of categories e.g. education, safety, health, and financial stability on 99 neighborhood areas that comprise the City of Indianapolis. The data has helped organizations on every level access new opportunities. To read the full case study and learn more about the IndyVitals tool, visit Apolitical, IndyVitals  and URISA awards program.

Apolitical is dedicated to government that connects public employees to the necessary resources that allow for problem-solving in various communities. The company as a whole has proclaimed itself “government optimists” and is dedicated to making government great for the public. Apolitical is also deeply committed to the men and women who have chosen the government sector for a career path, based on their deep passion for serving and improving the communities in which they operate. Ideas, partners, and people can oftentimes be confined to a specific boundary such as a certain state or country. The company strives to connect civil servants with those ideas, partners, and people that allow for better policy and planning to be implemented into their community.

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