Our accomplishments and tradition of excellence in service to communities across Indiana, the Midwest, and the nation are a true measure of our most valuable assets of all–our outstanding staff.

David J. Bodenhamer

Executive Director

Sharon Kandris

Associate Director, Polis Center and Director, Community Informatics

Marianne Cardwell

Director, Geoinformatics

Karen Frederickson Comer

Director, Collaborative Research and Community Health Informatics

Neil Devadasan

Director, Information Systems

Kevin Mickey

Director, Professional Development and Geospatial Technology Education

Unai Miguel Andres

GIS & Data Analyst

Jay Colbert

Data Manager

James Dowling

Manager, Information Systems and Database Administrator

Allegra East

Communications Manager

Robert Ferrell

Senior Programmer

John Gona

LAN Technician

Melissa Gona

Business Manager

John Hayes

Data and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Kari Leer

GIS Analyst

Rebecca Nannery

Senior Research Analyst

Matt Nowlin

User Experience Designer

Shaikh Abdullah Al Rifat

Senior GIS Analyst

Matt Riggs

GIS Analyst

Kim Sarver

Senior Research Project Manager

Jim Sparks

Geoinformatics Consultant