Throughout February, the Polis analyst team of Danielle Lafever, GIS Project Coordinator; Aaron Olson, Research Data Analyst; Matt Dietrich, Senior Research Data Analyst; and Asger Ali, GIS Analyst, will compete in “The Green Space Data Challenge,” sponsored by The Massive Data Institute at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy (MDI).

This data challenge asks participants to “analyze the impact of inequitable green space access on communities using various data sources on the MDI Redivis platform in individual or team notebooks. The goal is to transform  green space datasets into actionable community indicators that illustrate the effects of green space across one of four dimensions: public health, public safety, effects on a specific population (e.g., by age, race, or location), or physical environment (e.g. pollution levels).”

The Polis team is going to generate an index identifying the best areas to build up greenspace throughout Indiana, which may be applicable to other areas nationwide.