Indiana Data Partnership

We are working collaboratively with the State of Indiana’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), the IU Public Policy Institute, and IU Business Research Center on the Indiana Data Partnership (IDP) project. Its aim is to increase the availability and usefulness of data-sharing among state agencies and between the state and various local government and nonprofit organizations.

Polis leads the opioid work, using social network analysis and cluster mapping to discover networks of connected organizations, as well as to determine the strength of those connections. Our aims are to discover organizations that serve as relationship brokers and identify potential new partners for coalitions to combat the opioid epidemic.

The IDP was formed with Indiana University (IU) as an enhancement to MPH’s mission by creating a replicable, sustainable framework that helps additional local and non-governmental organizations successfully partner to maximize holistic solutions and minimize duplication of efforts through sharing and viewing common data. The MPH provides data analytics solutions tailored to address management and policy questions enabling improved outcomes for Hoosiers.

Funded through the Lilly Endowment, this pilot project is initially focused on education and workforce initiatives and combating the opioid epidemic. Additional partners and focus areas will be added as the initiative progresses.