Debra Hollon

ETL Data Engineer

Deb Hollon, Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) Data Engineer, specializes in data collection and transformation for several community indicator initiatives including the SAVI Community Information System,,, and She is responsible for discovering and collecting administrative records from local, state, and national agencies; cleaning, analyzing, and transforming data into meaningful indicators; and establishing and automating those processes. Deb also supports data management and analysis reports for a variety of community partners.

Deb earned a BA degree from Indiana State University, an MBA from Vanderbilt University, and an MS in Geography/GIS from Ball State University. Deb returned to Polis in 2022 after working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Water as an Environmental Manager (GIS). Prior to joining Polis originally, she worked at the GIS Labs at Ball State University and, “in a previous life,” as nonpartisan staff of various state legislatures.