Neil Devadasan

Lead Systems Engineer

Neil Devadasan, lead systems engineer, manages the center’s technology team, comprised of application programmers, web programmers, and database administrator, that provides hardware, software, and network infrastructure development and support services. Additionally, Devadasan provides software development for Polis projects. He has considerable experience in GIS application programming and distributed computer applications. He has constructed applications that integrate information from distributed web services and use open standards and industrial best practices. He has deployed these applications in educational research environments, secure government environments, and public accessible environments employing multiple hardware and security configurations.

Devadasan joined the center in 1996 as a visiting research associate. He is a 1990 engineering graduate of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He was one of fifteen international fellows in the 2005-2006 Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship Program at Stanford University. In addition to his role at Polis, he is a visiting researcher at Community Grid Lab at Indiana University.