We perform an important function in assessing different types of vulnerabilities and needs for local, state, tribal and federal government, the private sector, and nonprofits. We reinforce community efforts to prevent or reduce losses from natural disasters by combining geospatial analysis, modeling, and outreach activities. Our disaster (or crisis) informatics initiatives support disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery activities. We design and develop open source as well as Esri technology-driven information systems through which to explore the interconnectedness of people, place, community, information, and technology. We also design and implement research to assess the physical, social and economic impacts of hazards. For more information, please download our Geoinformatics general information brochure and Geoinformatics expertise flyer.

The Polis Center helps with emergency preparedness, response, and recovery from disasters; models the economic and social effects of natural disaster and plans activities to mitigate them; collaborates with local experts to understand and apply results for place-based community solutions; and offers professional training in GIS and other geospatial technologies.


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Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning
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Hazard Mitigation Inventory Development
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Supporting Emergency Management