What We Do

MISSION: The Polis Center works with our partners to define, measure, and actively improve community health, well-being, and resiliency.

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COMMUNITY: We use local, state, and national sources to develop and analyze community-level indicators to understand social issues and how they impact communities; create online data dashboards and decision-support tools to make the data and information accessible in meaningful formats; create actionable information; foster information literacy; and build capacity in organizations to use data and information to achieve greater impact.

HEALTH: The scope of our work in this sector supports the growing disciplines of public health and population health management for improved community health planning and intervention and public health and patient-centered decision-making. We combine and analyze clinical and community data and create assessment and decision-making tools and community engagement platforms.

RESILIENCY: Our disaster informatics initiatives combine geospatial analysis, modeling, and outreach activities to address problems faced by planners, engineers, and government officials.

EDUCATION: We offer an extensive collection of virtual and classroom courses and workshops that relate to our work in community resilience, health and disaster management.

SPATIAL HUMANITIES: We serve an international community of humanities scholars interested in applying geospatial technologies to the disciplines with in the humanities to explore new questions about the relationship of space to human behavior and social, economic, political, and cultural development.