The Polis Center works with our partners to define, measure, and actively improve community health, well-being, and resiliency.

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Improving Resource Allocation to Address Domestic Violence in Marion County

The Polis Center developed an online Domestic Violence Dashboard in which we integrated data from several sources in the criminal justice system to present data about domestic violence victims, perpetrators, and incidents in the Marion County criminal justice system. This provided public access to data and trends about domestic violence that have never before been available for Marion County and which would otherwise not be possible.

Notable Map

Population growth is a key indicator when thinking about global trends and provides a better understanding of local issues such as neighborhood change, suburbanization, and gentrification. A study by our SAVI analysts in 2018 revealed most of Indianapolis’ core neighborhoods have lost population, experienced significant income declines, and not kept pace with the region’s increased educational attainment. Read more...