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Featured Project and Map

The Indiana Data Partnership

We collaborate with the State of Indiana’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), the IU Public Policy Institute (PPI), and the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) through the Indiana Data Partnership (IDP) to increase the availability and usefulness of data for state and various local government and nonprofit organizations. IDP empowers collaboration among government, nonprofit and private sector entities to drive positive change in key challenges impacting Hoosiers. Polis leads the opioid work, using social network analysis and cluster mapping to discover networks of connected organizations, as well as to determine the strength of those connections. Our aims are to discover organizations that serve as relationship brokers and identify potential new partners for coalitions to combat the opioid epidemic.

Notable Map of the Quarter

It is hard to imagine a health challenge more pervasive than the opioid crisis. Opioids now kill more people each year than vehicle accidents, guns, or breast cancer. One of the ways in which communities and states, including Indiana, are responding to the war on opioids is by using geographic information systems to better identify where to target resources for prevention and mitigation. Click to read more.