The Polis Center is part of a team that submitted a successful concept proposal to the Lilly Endowment’s Economic Opportunities Initiative. The team, led by Englewood Community Development Corporation (CDC), is invited to submit a full proposal for the “Cultivating Communities Support Initiative” in January. Englewood CDC has focused its community and economic development efforts in the Near Eastside and wants to extend its work toward the service and support of other faith communities around Indianapolis. It aims to nurture and cultivate the capacity of these faith communities to participate in the renewal and reconciliation that is taking place within their neighborhoods. The Polis Center’s role is to provide data and capacity building support to project stakeholders in their efforts to target resources, inform neighborhood-level strategy and implementation, monitor progress, and measure impact. The Polis team is led by Sharon Kandris with Rebecca Nannery, Unai Miguel Andres, Jay Colbert, and Matt Nowlin.